Ponytail Explosion

About Us

Hi my name is Lisa Conway, I live in Minnesota and I have been married to Mike for 29 years with 3 adult kids... Jake his wife Natalie their daughter my granddaughter Mila and grandson Braxton, Joe and Jordyn. We also run a dog boarding and daycare facility.

All my life I have had thin hair and it has always bothered me because I like to wear my hair long! I am very active and have played sports all my life so I like to pull my hair back into a ponytail. I invented Ponytail Explosion® so my hair can look as thick as I want it to depending on which ring I put in my hair. Once I have the ring in my hair it never moves and you would never know it is even there! My mission is to have everyone who has long thin hair to be able to put a ponytail explosion ring in their hair and have the type of confidence that I do when I wear mine! I hope you will give it a try.

Lisa Conway